diumenge, 12 de març de 2017

Phrasal Verbs 3 - The job

Hello everyone! In this entry of this blog I’ll talk about my new and first summer job.
Last Wednesday I met my friend Izzy and told her how I got my new summer job. I was hanging out with a friend and I get through with the cafe because I was interested in their work. They didn't take the call, but later they called me back.
The next day I got up and went to the cafe to work out practices. They explained to me how everything was going. The work consists of making sandwiches, toast and wash dirty plates up.
While working in the kitchen, my partner asked me to give her a hand. When I went out to work I met my friends, they had come to visit me!
The director saw that my friends had visited me at work. I thought I had to hang up my apron and be off. But no! It was a good idea because I brought customers to the cafe. Finally, they hired me!
At the end of the day, my partner gave me her number to pick her up and we walked to work together.

Phrasal Verbs 2 - Shopping day

My friends and I planned to go for a milkshake but I saw that sales were on and I thought we shall go.
Sam and his friend went for a milkshake while I and the others went shopping. I saw very cool shoes but they weren’t my number, they were sold out. We decided to give a new amazing look to Georgie to surprise her sister, but the result wasn’t what we expected: her sister got mad and Georgie had to take it all back. They were giving free earrings away with everything you bought in one shop!
I hate that people point out clothes to me, and Georgie was having on me… The jacket was totally awful!

Phrasal Verbs 1 - The trials

Hi, in this entry of this blog, I’m going to talk about my experience on sports.
Last weekend, when I was talking to Izzy, I told her that I wanted to try out a sport to get fit. I wanted to join in the school rugby team. She didn’t want to come with me, but I think it’s a great way show the boys that the girls are good at sports too. She thought that the boys would laugh at me. Finally, Izzy came to watch the training. I couldn’t turned up alone, I was the only girl.
After a while, when I was tired, I gave up, I imagined  rugby would be a good sport, but not for me. The boys started laughing at me, it gave me strength to keep on.
From that moment, I was being better, and the best of the match. The coach was impressed.
When I saw my name in the list of the players. I became the happiest person in the world.